Lunaris redefines all the rules.

timer.pngThis traditional journey from CAM to etch takes hours at best, typically days; a costly and complex passage through vast amounts of equipment, each from numerous independent suppliers and countless permutations of substrates and chemistry. Some of the processes must take place within costly specialist infrastructure.

Despite the heavy and ongoing necessary investment, fabricators constantly battle yield and registration constraints, increased numbers of set ups, not to mention the environmental impact of specialist chemical disposal and product waste.

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Lunaris is a high throughput, high reliability, fully automatic machine. Use of Lunaris makes zero waste a reality. Not only is the developer process eliminated, removing a significant cause of inner layer short circuits; in Lunaris, all cores are fully optically inspected, guaranteeing 100% yield into the etch line.

Side to side registration is guaranteed by using high accuracy fiducials applied to each substrate upon entry to Lunaris and the system’s own optical inspection unit to detect their positions. Each core is moved from stage to stage on an air cushion to prevent handing damage and then held in place under vacuum. Each stage is temperature controlled to eliminate thermally induced distortions.

60 print heads are secured in the static print beam above a perfiplane table, utilizing leading edge mechatronic techniques and high accuracy sensors to control the position of the print surface relative to the print heads within a micron envelope.

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Lunaris is truly disruptive technology. Lunaris is unique. Lunaris will change PCB manufacturing forever. Imagine 100% yield into the etch line. Imagine etched inner layers produced in minutes from CAM. Imagine eliminating over 70% of the processes prior to inner layer AOI… Imagine a better way.

  • Significant cost savings compared to conventional lithography and LDI
  • Dramatically reduced complexity – single step digital imaging
  • Guaranteed 100% yield into etch line
  • Eliminates registration constraints
  • Eliminates phototools / artworks
  • Eliminates environmental constraints
  • Eliminates infrastructure constraints – clean machine design
  • Eliminates costly set ups

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Contemporary methods of inner layer production haven’t changed significantly in over forty years. Whatever the imaging technique, the basic process has remained the same… use lots of interdependent equipment and chemistry to completely cover a panel with photo resist. Then use some more interdependent equipment and chemistry to remove most of it! This is a timely, wasteful and costly process.


Lunaris has a better way.

Our revolutionary technology eliminates over 70% of the processes prior to AOI, reducing the time from hours or days to just minutes!

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environmental-sustainability.pngSustainability is everyone’s responsibility. Conventional lithography comes at cost and not only the environmental impact of specialist chemical disposal and product waste. Today over 700 million M² of photoresist is used in the global production of PCBs, of which a staggering 70% is wasted as it covers areas where circuitry does not exist. Consequently almost half a billion square metres of resist that is produced is wasted with no possibility of recycling.

Lunaris brings an ecologically friendly solution to this problem

-Photo resist only applied where needed
– zero resist waste -Guaranteed 100% yield
-Zero copper waste
-No aggressive surface prep required
-Low energy consumption
– replaces 11 of 15 process steps
-Non-toxic, environmentally safe etch resist

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