Of course, etch resist imaging is much more than droplets on copper. The interaction between droplets and substrate, and droplets and other droplets must be understood and controlled. Piezo heads do fail – droplet forming is intrinsically unreliable. These fundamental aspects are overlooked and largely not appreciated by other inkjet protagonists. That’s one of the things that make mutracx so different. We are drawing from years of experience in this field in delivering a solution in which these elementary inkjet characteristics have been mastered.

In the PCB application, there are a multitude of copper base materials with different pre-treatments. Lunaris is the only solution in which print heads and resist are manufactured by the same vendor – Océ. Not only have we sourced the best and most reliable print heads, the heads and resist are tuned for optimal performance. We consider this to be a mandatory requirement for a real world industrialized solution for the imaging of etch resist. So much so, we’ve given it a name… micro-procedé.

Micro-procedé facilitates a stable jetting print head; controlling jet frequency, jetting angles and drop size, whilst eliminating cross talk and satellite formation.